Something New: and Superia Tyres

Saturday 11 March 2017

Something New: and Superia Tyres

I've grown up with the internet as my closest aide, so when it came time to replace my car's tyres, I decided I'd try out an online service. At first I was looking at The AA's mobile tyre replacement service, but I decided to go with (TOTD) for two reasons: they offered a free next-day replacement service, and their economy tyres were cheaper than The AA's.

TOTD's customer journey is very similar to other online tyre replacement services:

1) Enter your car's registration and your post code
2) Confirm your car's current tyre specs
3) Select tyres you want - there was a a decent range of economy and mid-range tyres for my car.
4) Book an appointment for when you'd like the tyre fitting to be done. I opted not to pay until the job had been completed, but you can also pay online.

All-in-all it was a pretty straightforward booking experience, but I had one issue with TOTD's offerings: transparency. The company states that their Value Choice option, i.e. their budget tyres, "takes the top 20 budget brands and sorts them for you, presenting the best option based on what we’ve fitted to other vehicles of the same make and model." That's completely fine, except for the fact that you are not told which tyres you're buying until you've paid for them. I was only provided the brand and model of tyre after I had completed the order; it feels like there's intentional deception going on here. But let's put that to the side for now.

The budget tyres that I received in my TOTD lucky dip were Superia Ecoblue HPs, The total for two was just under £100 fitted, which was quite a bit cheaper than what The AA and KwikFit offered me.

In terms of the actual fitting service, it was great. On the day of the appointment I received an email with a two-hour window for when the technician would arrive. My technician arrived comfortably within the provided ETA, took my wheel locking nut and had the new tyres on within 20 minutes while I was able to sit in the comfort of my home - excellent. The company also emails you a digital worksheet containing a summary of the work completed, with some checks on your car's brakes and tyres:

In terms of the Superia Tyres, they look decent and seem to be performing just as well as the Continental tyres I had beforehand. I've not had them on for long and not driven in extreme conditions, so your mileage may vary (pun definitely intended).


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